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In the Life on PBS Presents “The Last Closet” with Guest Host Diana Nyad

NEW YORK – April 2, 2007 – This April watch the story of Ann-Marie Saccurato and Angel Bovee, female competitors in one of the most aggressive and male identified sports on the planet … Boxing. “A Ring of Their Own” spotlights these remarkable women who made a different choice than many elite athletes at the peak of their competitive careers by living out and proud, becoming true pioneers in the ring. PBS followed Ann-Marie for 5 months leading up to her winning the WBC lightweight title in Edmonton, Canada. Check out her inspiration story.

Also presented on this episode is “A Conversation with John Amaechi,” the former NBA star discusses the secret that he struggled to keep from his teammates and coaches. Amaechi is gay, and feared that a public admission of this fact could destroy the career he had worked so hard to build. No male pro athlete on a major sports team has ever come out while still playing. Four years ago Amaechi retired from the game and in February 2007, revealed his secret to the world, becoming the first NBA player to come out as a gay. Legendary out athlete and veteran sports reporter Diana Nyad hosts this episode.

To find out where In the Life will air “The Last Closet” in your community, visit and type in your zipcode.

“The Last Closet” is available to download on Monday, April 16.

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